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Roofing Services in Your GTA Neighbourhood

Safeguard your home from water damage and call Spiros Aluminum & Roofing Inc., for professional roofing services in the GTA. Our skilled and fully licensed crew use only the highest quality roofing products for your project. Whether you need a roofing repair or want to plan a complete re-roofing, Spiros Aluminum & Roofing Inc. can help you protect your home investment. Common shingle problems include:

Granule Loss: On shingles, granules can be lost over time. Tiny granules protect your shingles from UV rays and provide weatherproofing.

Missing Shingles: If your roof is missing a shingle this could lead to water damage, weakening your roof’s overall protective value and structure.

Curls or Cracks: As the years go by, older shingles lose their water resistant features and start to curl and crack.

Leaks: Leaks can be caused by a number of weather factors and can be found in different locations on the roof. Weather can cause regular shingles to lose coloured granules, crack, or back a nail into the roof sheathing. All these things can lead to possible leaks.

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Waiting for your roof to deteriorate results in costly repairs. Contact us and get a competitive quote.


When choosing the right shingle shade and material for your roof, it’s important to look at the elements of your home. At Spiros Aluminum & Roofing Inc., we offer the following roofing styles:


Fibreglass: When it comes to fibreglass shingles, you can choose from a 25 years and limited lifetime guarantee on material. Limited lifetime warranties are also available from the manufacturer. Fibreglass shingles offer great resistance to heat blistering and curling. They also have a higher fire resistance rating than organic (asphalt) shingles.


Flat Roofs: We offer modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing in single-ply and double-ply systems. These systems consist of long-lasting, durable membrane that can be used on a wide variety of roof surfaces. Bitumen roofing systems are resistant to aging, weathering, and temperature extremes.


Ice and Water Shield Protection: This type of rubberized membrane is often used at the edge of the roof where it meets the eavestrough to prevent any ice damping of backup. It can also be used around skylights, chimneys, intercepting walls, and other areas as well.


At Spiros Aluminum & Roofing Inc., we supply all roofing material, dispose of all your old materials, and maintain a clean and safe work site. We serve the GTA and surrounding areas. Request a free estimate today .

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